100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Cover

What is it about the 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet that makes people so captivated? Is it the beauty of this material, or the unique properties of the quilt? Or is it perhaps the snug feel of this down quilt? Whatever the reason is for wanting a 100% Hungarian goose down duvet, you will no doubt be pleased with your choice.

The Hungarian goose down is harvested by means of the wild owls which live in the high mountain ranges of Eastern Europe. This is a region where there is never a shortage of prey for these animals. These owls must be allowed to go to maturity before they are able to yield a quality down product. The down comes from their bodies and is then cleaned and treated to prevent any infestation of mites, and the smell removed. The material is then ready to be turned into a duvet cover. There are several methods in which the down can be harvested and prepared for making a duvet.

First, the down is sheared by hand. Then the layers are piled one on top of the other to form a sort of blanket material. This is then treated with lubricant and then drawn into thread, which is cut to the right shape and size. It is this layer of underlayment that makes a duvet so comfortable to wear. The next step is to pile another sheet of material over the first layer. This creates the second layer of insulation that is necessary to help keep the down warm during the winter.

Each of these parts of the duvet is then sewn together to form a picture. The overall effect is an extremely soft and luxurious duvet that will keep you warm and toasty even when the temperatures outside start to rise. Another benefit of the duvet-making process is that if you have children they can help to create the best-looking duvet that they can because each piece comes out individually.

When you buy a used duvet online, be sure to inspect it closely. Most websites will sell what they are selling as a used item but make sure that there is not any additional material sitting on top of them down. This can cause the down to become ruined. Check the zipper area to make sure that it is well constructed and sealed with an appropriate substance.

To care for your duvet, you simply need to throw it in the washer after every use. Vacuum it on occasion to get rid of all the excess material. Hang it to dry instead of using the heat setting to blow it out. Be sure to remove any wrinkles from the fabric before putting it away. These tiny imperfections will allow water to get inside the material and possibly ruin the duvet.