Indian Fashion – Everything You Need to Know About Indian Clothes

Indian ethnic clothing is a term used for dresses, which are specifically designed for Indian women and are generally worn during festivals or other special occasions. Clothes in India are dependent on the various cultural, geographical, and ethnic traditions of each and every region of India. Women’s traditional outfits include the saree, the salwar-kurta, the churidar, the lehenga, the Patiala salwar, the kanjeevaram salwar, the Pathani kurta, the Sherwani, and the dupatta. These outfits are available in various designs, patterns, and shades and are created using different types of fabrics like silk, brocade, cotton, velvet, Georgette, etc.

Another main article about indian dresses is the sari. Sari means a piece of clothing that is loose-fitting and used to wear around the waist. However, the sari is a much larger article of Indian dress than the saree. The sari generally consists of a top and bottom piece of material and is a loose-fitting garment. Indian sarees are usually long and made from a material such as a chiffon, silk, or velvet.

The Jean is another main article of Indian dresses USA fashion and is worn mostly by men. Jean can be worn as a dress or as a lehenga choli (which is similar to the altar). Another main article of Indian fashion, which is worn by both men and women is the lungi. The lungi generally has two pieces of material at the front, either side by side, tied together with a beautifully embroidered fabric, and is also known as ghagra or a vermilion Raya. Other popular Indian dresses are the Kurtis, which are basically short dresses, Churidaars, which are long dresses that originate from the state of Gujarat, Pashmina kameez, which is a sleeveless dress specially designed for summer, and Patiala salwar kameez, which is a sleeveless dress specially designed for the evening.