Basic Things That You Must Know Before Using a Web Scraper Tool

First of all let me explain to you what scraping Google is all about. Google is an entity that is well known for collecting information from websites. Now, if you are one of those who have taken advantage of Google and saved a lot of bandwidth by using many sites in the same time then you must understand that there is a need to do regular updates of the scraper. For example if you are using us as keywords you must update the scraper so that it can find such rules and scrapes them. So how do you go about this?

For starters you need to use a tool known as IP address cloaker. This is a software tool that can help you find where the visitor came in from and whether they used an anonymous proxy or a real one. If you use Google, Yahoo or MSN in your quest to scrape Google there are actually ways that can help you scrape Google without necessarily knowing the IP address of the person using that website. If you use the proxy method however you need to know the IP and then you can use the Google and Yahoo scraper.

When it comes to scraping google you will need an API key. An API key is given to you by Google when you sign up with them. Once you have the key you can go ahead and use the scraper and all the information that are available on that website will be available to you.

Now, what if you are not interested in using a scraper tool? You will also be able to access Google and Yahoo statistics and access any web pages that are publicly accessible. There are many people who use Google and Yahoo search engines for business purposes and then scrape their web pages for personal reasons. In such a case you will only get data on the top results.

Here is another important thing that you must know. Google and Yahoo scrape the urls that appear in their search engine results. As we all know, the search terms that appear most in the Google and Yahoo search results are also the popular keywords that people use. This means that if you are scraping for popular keywords then you will only be getting scraped urls that have been crawled by Google and Yahoo.

The above mentioned things are just some of the things that you should know before using web scraping software. You will always be asked to give a valid email address where you can receive the emails containing the details of the scraped urls. Once you have sent all the required information then you are set to go and use the web scraper. Happy scraping!